Movies of Oak Tree Railway

The Line after Light Snow

Dinkles the diesel runs round the outer loop line after a light snowfall.

Little Tich in Full Steam

Visiting steam loco Little Tich runs around the line driven by Andrew.

Little Tich Novices

Little Tich being used for driver training by Andrew and Dad...

Below is a selection of movies showing the railway and trains in action. Sit back and enjoy!

Summer Tour of the Line

Andrew drives Dinkles around the line, features some very interesting horn effects...!

Dinkles on Inner Loop

Dinkles being driven cautiously over points at Stump Junction around the inner loop of line.

Dinkles on Frosty Morning

Dinkles being driven by Sam round a frosty section of line.

Sam & Gems Clear Snow

Sam and Gems take Dinkles for a ride round the garden after the line has been cleared of snow.

Winter Tour of the Line

Sam drives Dinkles in a round trip from The Lodge station after heavy snowfall in January 2010.

Line Tour from Maple Halt

Gems drives Dinkles through the snow in a round trip from Maple Halt station.

Round Trip with Dinkles

Dinkles struggles with icy rails in a round trip of the snowbound line from The Lodge station.

Reverse Running in Winter

Dinkles pushes the train around the line in reverse direction after heavy snowfall in January 2010.

Sam Tests Deiced Railway

Sam takes Dinkles for a test run up the bank by Railway Inn after the deicing train has run!

The Kids Driving Aingee

The kids showing off their newly found steam engine driving skills with Aingee in August 2010.

Little Tich in June 2010

Little Tich being driven round the line in early summer.

OTR in September 2010

Aingee and Dinkles out to play on an autumn day - plus see the water tower in action!

OTR in January 2011

Aingee and Dinkles out to play on a very cold winters day with plenty of steam...!

Halloween Special 2010

Have a trip round a very spooky OTR, meet the resident ghosts and enjoy the fireworks finale!

Trip around the Line 2012

Take a ride around the line behind Aingee, our live steam engine,in autumn 2012!

Gorges First Steam Rally

Gorge whistles to celebrate her first public steaming at the Weald and Downland rally!

Gorge in the Arena

See Gorge, our third scale traction engine, at her first steam rally at the Weald and Downland

Gorges First Steam Run

Join us for Gorges first ever steam run through a very narrow gate and on round the garden!